Theta Delta Sigma was founded at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York on April 15, 2001 by fourteen, diverse, undergraduate men and women. These individuals came together with a single vision, a rare vision, of uniting people of all backgrounds in a lifelong bond of Siblinghood.

From inception, the Founders wished to create an organization that was a part of society rather than apart from society and therefore, made Theta Delta Sigma. On March 24, 2003, Theta Delta Sigma was recognized under the laws of the State of New York as a non-profit organization and became Theta Delta Sigma Society, Incorporated.

Today, Theta Delta Sigma has grown beyond the boundaries of its western New York campus of founding and its commitment to the vision of its founders remains steadfast.

Our Founding Siblings

These fourteen individuals, each diverse and strong, set the foundation and are revered as the Founders of Theta Delta Sigma:

  • Jamel Catoe
  • Ritchie G. Chavez
  • Kimberly Cheng
  • Gilbert F. Chu
  • Yvonne Gong
  • Michael C.M. Liu
  • Cecilia R. Mejia
  • Brian J. Philips
  • Naudeya T. Richards
  • Melissa Tang
  • Joey Z. Tsao (1979-2011)
  • Iris Wangpataravanich
  • Jim Wong
  • Judy Wong

Pillars of Foundation

Our Core Values

Each member of Theta Delta Sigma has taken an oath to uphold Theta Delta Sigma’s core values in their daily lives. By living our values, we are able to publicly demonstrate what it means to be Theta Delta Sigma.


Focuses on transcending in all endeavors and the pursuit of excellence through lifelong learning and personal development.


Focuses on appreciation of human individuality and the support of humanity through charity, advocacy, relief, education, and service.


Focuses on a commitment and connection to Theta Delta Sigma by working in harmony with the Siblinghood and by sharing the treasure of your time, talent, and testimony throughout your lifetime.


Focuses on a positive self-image, promotes self-empowerment, good character, honesty, integrity, and the expectation of the same from others.

Tokens, Trademarks, & Traditions